3 More of our Classes Visted SI Children’s Museum

Ms. Leston, Ms.Vivaldi and Ms. Rugerio took their classes to the Staten Island Children’s Museum located on the grounds of Snug Harbor today. They had a great time as evidenced by the pictures in this slideshow. click on the picture to see more. We will have some Student writing about the trip ASAP.


~ by stufffromthelab on July 31, 2008.

7 Responses to “3 More of our Classes Visted SI Children’s Museum”

  1. Darius:
    At the trip played tic tac toe, I want on the stage. Played bowling. Theres was a big firetruck. You could dress as a fireman if you wanted to. We saw great bugs lady bugs and a cave.

  2. Lex
    At the museum there was a place to play dressup. You could dress up as a princess, a party girl, There was a place to dress up as a bug. Ms. Leston dressed up as a lady bug. We had lunch there and we played with checkers. I had good time.

  3. Damonee
    It was great. It was the most fun even better than all my toys. There you can a big search light you can move. This light sees all the animals in the dark. My favorite thing was going to upstairs. Upstairs they had these great bugs, tarrauntulas and bees all kinds of bugs. You could dress up as a bug. Great trip. I like building the house as well. I never went to a place so fun. Go there.

  4. Devonte
    My favorite part of the trip was when I went into the building house. I like the building part. Here you could use tools to build things. I built a mini house. I also like the seesaw. I had to wear a builders close, with a hardhat. Good trip it was my favorite place.

  5. Rafael.
    I had fun on the trip . My favorite was the bowling ball and the phone. I dressed up as bug and star. John wanted to be the bug but I wanted to be a star. I had a good time.

  6. Joshua
    I had good time on the trip. I dressed up like a baby. We went on the stage. We were running around. And we did a puppet show. We put on all kinds of costumes. Bugs we saw bugs, bees flying to get honey. We saw big hairy spiders called a tarantula. There was a big shell and we saw flys. We went to the playroom and we played with trucks, and tools to build house. They also have a great computer touch scree

  7. The trip was so fun. This place has everything. They have bowling balls and pins. They have checkers, they have a playground. I want to go there again.

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