The Summer the Town Bit Back!

We are studying our community one member of our community is Mosquitoes they are quite a pesky member that can spread disease. Read the Onlion book The Summer the Town bit back and answer the following questions.

What was the problem?

What caused all the Mosquitoes?

What effect did this have on the town?

What disease were the Mosquitoes giving people?

What was the main Mosquitoes name?

What did they due to get rid of the Mosquitoes?


6 Responses to “The Summer the Town Bit Back!”

  1. The mosquitoes were biting every body and they had to stop them. The standing water and the grass. The disease you get is West nile.
    To get rid of the Mosqitoes they cut the grass all standing water gone and bug spray.

    By Damonee

  2. The Mosquitoes came to town and bit everyone. To get rid of them they used the spray. They cut the grass, and got rid of the water.

  3. The problem was the mosquitoes wanted to bite people. This made everyone unhappy and itchy. The Mosquitoes were there because they didn’t cut the grass. The disease you spread is West nile. They got rid of them by bug spray and cut the grass and get rid of the puddles.
    by Darius

  4. They got rid of the Mosquitoes by using bug spray and the standing water, and they cut grass.
    In the town the Mosquito bites kept biting everybody.
    The name of the bad disease is West nile.
    I liked the story. But I didn’t like the part when the bite them.
    By Devonte

  5. They needed to get rid of the Mosqitoes. They needed bug spray and to cut the grass, cut the bushes, and get rid of the water to get rid of the Mosquitoes.
    You can get West nile from Mosquitoes. This can kill babies.
    By Lexuz

  6. The story was about Mosquitoes and rid of them. Mosquitoes were biting people they used bug spray to get rid of them.
    By Rafael

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