Ms. Leston’s Class has been working with the Recipe for a perfect paragraph.

Here are the results. They were told they could choose their topics to write a perfect paragraph that includes:Topic sentence, Supporting sentences, Detail sentences and a Concluding sentence.

You can find the recipe on our blog clicking the link below.


You can play many kinds of games on computers. Some of the sites I find good games on are Cartoon Network and Nickleodeon. One of the games I love to pay on Cartoon Network is Ben Ten Alien force. I also like to play Sponge Bob on Nickleodeon. There are many other good games on these sites. I think computer games are a lot of fun to play.


I care about animals. I care about them because many people try to hurt them. Farmers who raise animals for food do not treat them well. Some people get pets and then throw them out. Then they have no home. I feel bad for all these animals and I want to help them.


You can do all kinds of cool stuff on computers. On computers you can play games, write stories and make movies. I like to write stories on computers. Computers are a great way to learn and have fun.


I love French Fries. I love to get French Fries from McDonalds. They are crispy and salty. I think that McDonalds makes the best French Fries. My favorite food in the whole world is French Fries.


Ice is made of frozen water. Ice is cold. You can use ice in your drinks to make them cold. I like to use ice to make my soda colder. I really like ice, which is frozen water. I think ice is the best.


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