Perfect Paragraph

The Perfect Paragraph

**The Recipe**


1 topic sentence

2 or 3 supporting sentences

2 or 3 detail sentences

1 concluding sentence

Writing Paragraphs

I love writing paragraphs. Writing paragraphs is a great activity. For one thing it is fun to put all these sentences together.  I love to express my ideas in writing. It reminds me of doing a puzzle or baking a cake! I think writing a paragraph is better than just talking to someone on a cell phone to communicate.  Follow this recipe to create the perfect paragraph.

Topic Sentence: Tells your main idea

Supporting Sentences: Here is where you give the supporting ideas that tell you why you love writing paragraphs.

Detail Sentences: Here is where you can give examples and specific details about the supporting sentence .

Concluding sentence: Restates the main idea.


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