Ice Cream and How to write a business letter: a Perfect Match!

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Actually I think anything is a perfect match with ice cream.

Two Friday’s ago we had a visit from the Time Warner Ice cream truck that was truly wonderful. Not only did everyone enjoy ice cream but we were able to donate money to local food pantries that provide food to families in need.

We have blogged about this, and indeed there are about 32 comments on the Time Warner Cable’s Ice cream Truck visit post.

But not everyone one reads blog or email and there are times when you must write a letter. (Can you think of any?)

To write a letter, you must know how to write a letter, today we are going to look at the correct way to write a business letter.

Our assignment to day is to write a letter of thanks to Time Warner Cable for this wonderful service they have provided our community with this summer. We will use the business letter format to accomplish this task.

Some links you may need to get started:

Letter Generator

This site will introduce you to proper format for writing a letter and take you through the steps .

Below is a link to a little film or what you call a screencast I made that points out the 6 parts of a business letter,( unfortunately you can hear my dog snoring in the background)

My own Screencast of the 6 parts of a business letter


Finally here is a rubric about letter writing that you can use to this to check to see if your letter is ready to send.


I will give you a print out the of the companies local address we will be writing to.

BTW: The Ice cream truck will be back this afternoon.


Ms. Caputo’s Class Trip 7/31/08

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On Thursday July 31, 2008 Ms. Caputo’s class from the mini-building, went on a class trip to the Elizabeth Connelly Center.  While they were there they used the computers and were given a hands on help.  After they finished that were presented with certificates.  They also went to McDonalds for lunch.  A special thanks goes to Kirsten Rorke, parent coordinator for setting up this trip.  Here are some comments from the children and photos:

“I liked the computer center.  I liked the games and the websites.” said Davonte

“I liked the computer center and playing Kid Pix.” said Veronica

“I played green eggs and ham and hot wheels.” said Luis

“I love playing the art game.” said Ana

“I liked to play hot wheels.” said Diante

























3 More of our Classes Visted SI Children’s Museum

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Ms. Leston, Ms.Vivaldi and Ms. Rugerio took their classes to the Staten Island Children’s Museum located on the grounds of Snug Harbor today. They had a great time as evidenced by the pictures in this slideshow. click on the picture to see more. We will have some Student writing about the trip ASAP.

Mini Building Trip 7/29/08

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On July 29, 2008, four classes from the A.S.D. program went to the Staten Island Children’s Museum.  We were split up into two groups all visiting the same exhibits.  We visited the large game room and fire truck, the bug area and the house and building area.  It was a great trip.  The children had a lot of hands on experience.  Please enjoy our pictures from our trip.  Thanks for a great time!!!

If you would like to visit the Staten Island Children’s Museum Website click onto the following link:

























Fruit Stand Trip by Ms. Leston’s Class

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Ms. Leston’s Class took a walk to the Fruit Stand on Richmond Terrace.

We walked down Lafayette Avenue to Richmond Terrace, Here we crossing Richmond Terrace. The Fruit stand is located in front of the old Gympsum paint factory.

Here we are at Gerardi’s Farmers Market. Gerardi’s Farmers Market sells fruits and vegetables. We talked to the owner and he said he had been in business at this site for 23 years. That is a long time.

We had $20 dollars to spend on fruit. Here is a picture of Lexuz and Darius picking out their favorite fruit strawberries. The owner said the fruit he sells the most of in the summer is berries.

Devonte and Damonee love grapes. There are different kinds of grapes in the world. We like the green seedless grapes. Here we are picking out our favorite grapes.

John loves apples. Here he is picking out a golden delicious apple.

Josh chose a lemmon because they are sour. Josh loves food that tastes sour!

After we finished picking out our fruit, we got online, paid for our fruit and got our change!

Now back to our school to eat our fruit.

Bayonne Bridge

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The Bayonne Bridge is the third longest steel arch bridge in the world, and was the longest in the world at the time of its completion. It connects Bayonne, New Jersey with Staten Island, New York, spanning the Kill Van Kull.

The bridge was designed by master bridge-builder Othmar Ammann and the architect Cass Gilbert. It was built by the Port of New York Authority and opened on November 15, 1931. The primary purpose of the bridge was to allow vehicle traffic from Staten Island to reach Manhattan via the Holland Tunnel.

Ammann, the master bridge builder and chief architect of the Port Authority, chose the steel arch design after rejecting a cantilever and suspension design as expensive and impractical for the site.

The eventual design of the bridge called for a graceful arch that soars 226 feet (69 m) above the Kill Van Kull and supports a road bed for 1,675 feet (511 m) without intermediary piers. The total length of the bridge is 8,640 feet (2,633 m) with a mid-span clearance above the water of 150 feet (46 m). The arch resembles a parabola, but is made up of 40 linear segments.

The design of the steel arch is based on the Hell Gate Bridge designed by Ammann’s mentor, Gustav Lindenthal. Gilbert had designed an ornamental granite sheathing over the steelwork as part of the original proposal, but as in the case of the George Washington Bridge, the stone sheathing was eliminated in order to lower the cost of the bridge, leaving the steel trusses exposed.

Construction on the bridge began in 1928, and eventually cost $13 million. When it opened it 1931, it was the longest steel arch bridge in the world. It was deliberately built seven meters longer than the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which opened the year after.

The presence of the Bayonne Bridge ultimately led to the discontinuation of the Bergen Point Ferry.

Dave Frieder)

View from the lower chord (photo: Dave Frieder)

The supported roadway carries two lanes of traffic in each direction. The roadway deck could accommodate an expansion for either two traffic lanes or two light-rail lanes. A pedestrian walkway, cantilevered from the western side of the roadway, currently provides the only access by foot to Staten Island. The Port Authority also permits bicycle traffic, however the sidewalk ends abruptly at descending stairs on the New Jersey side. Due to safety concerns, bicycle riders are required to walk their bicycles across the bridge.

Tolls are collected on vehicles traveling into Staten Island (there is no toll for vehicles traveling into New Jersey). The car toll is $8.00, though discounts are available for Easy pass riders.

Blog at least 8 facts you gleaned (got) from the above article.

Ms. Leston’s Class has been working with the Recipe for a perfect paragraph.

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Here are the results. They were told they could choose their topics to write a perfect paragraph that includes:Topic sentence, Supporting sentences, Detail sentences and a Concluding sentence.

You can find the recipe on our blog clicking the link below.


You can play many kinds of games on computers. Some of the sites I find good games on are Cartoon Network and Nickleodeon. One of the games I love to pay on Cartoon Network is Ben Ten Alien force. I also like to play Sponge Bob on Nickleodeon. There are many other good games on these sites. I think computer games are a lot of fun to play.


I care about animals. I care about them because many people try to hurt them. Farmers who raise animals for food do not treat them well. Some people get pets and then throw them out. Then they have no home. I feel bad for all these animals and I want to help them.


You can do all kinds of cool stuff on computers. On computers you can play games, write stories and make movies. I like to write stories on computers. Computers are a great way to learn and have fun.


I love French Fries. I love to get French Fries from McDonalds. They are crispy and salty. I think that McDonalds makes the best French Fries. My favorite food in the whole world is French Fries.


Ice is made of frozen water. Ice is cold. You can use ice in your drinks to make them cold. I like to use ice to make my soda colder. I really like ice, which is frozen water. I think ice is the best.