Fruit Stand Trip by Ms. Leston’s Class

Ms. Leston’s Class took a walk to the Fruit Stand on Richmond Terrace.

We walked down Lafayette Avenue to Richmond Terrace, Here we crossing Richmond Terrace. The Fruit stand is located in front of the old Gympsum paint factory.

Here we are at Gerardi’s Farmers Market. Gerardi’s Farmers Market sells fruits and vegetables. We talked to the owner and he said he had been in business at this site for 23 years. That is a long time.

We had $20 dollars to spend on fruit. Here is a picture of Lexuz and Darius picking out their favorite fruit strawberries. The owner said the fruit he sells the most of in the summer is berries.

Devonte and Damonee love grapes. There are different kinds of grapes in the world. We like the green seedless grapes. Here we are picking out our favorite grapes.

John loves apples. Here he is picking out a golden delicious apple.

Josh chose a lemmon because they are sour. Josh loves food that tastes sour!

After we finished picking out our fruit, we got online, paid for our fruit and got our change!

Now back to our school to eat our fruit.


~ by stufffromthelab on July 30, 2008.

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