Bethlehem Steel’s World War II-era shipyard in New York

Along the North Shore of Staten Island Bethlehem Steel’s World War II-era shipyard in New York was located at Mariners Harbor, near the northernmost tip of Staten Island, at the south end of Newark Bay and within sight to the west of the Bayonne Bridge, from which many destroyer completion photos were taken. Founded in 1889 as the merger of Burlee Drydock company and Port Richmond Iron Works, it was renamed Staten Island Ship-building in 1907 and moved from Port Richmond to its World War II location in 1925. As United Shipyards Inc., it launched the first two Mahan-class ships, Mahan and Cummings in 1935 and two modified Mahans, Dunlap and Fanning, in 1936. No further destroyer construction commenced until December 1940 when, as Bethlehem Steel, the yard began continuous production of an eventual 44 more ships, 39 of which were completed during the war. Concurrently, the yard also produced landing craft, cargo vessels and three ocean-going tugs.
Fastest from keel laying to launching was destroyer-minelayer
Shea at 144 days. Three destroyers shared the yard’s record for keel laying to commissioning: 261 days.

During WWII this shipyard produced many ships that helped the United States win this war. This shipyard employed hundreds of Staten Islanders as ship builders. The shipyard closed production in the 1960’s.


6 Responses to “Bethlehem Steel’s World War II-era shipyard in New York”

  1. Ms. Brodericks Dad Worked in this shipyard as a welder. They built ships in this Mariners Harbor Ship yard to help fight WWII. The built 44 ships.

  2. Bethelem Steal produced ships 44 of them . A lot of people didn’t have any jobs before this. This company on the Northshore of Staten Island employed thousands of men It helped us get out of bad times and win WWII

  3. The Bethelem Steel company helped Staten Island the War and America. Write here on the North shore of staten island located in Mariners harbor supported us with jobs and ships to fight WWII. We won the war and this important shipyard gave us jobs

  4. In World War II they were building ships right on the North Shore of Staten Island to fight in the war. This started in 1940. At that time people were very poor even starving because they had no jobs. The ship yard gave them work and helped them win the war.

  5. Danny
    I learned that during the depression in the 1930′ leading up to the War people did not eat and that bethelem steel gave them jobs building ships. This helped them make more money and helped Staten Island get richer. I also learned that Staten island help win World war II through ship building. This happened in Mariners habor

  6. Are there any records of ship repairs in 1942, looking for details of the Tanker Geo W McKnight,badly damaged by U66,wifes Uncle was 1st mate,later Captain,the ship was hit by two torpedoes and had a 60ft x 30ft hole in her side and took five weeks to repair.

    Colin in the UK

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