Time Warner’s Ice cream Truck To Benefit Local food Pantries!

Time Warner’s Ice Cream Program Helps Feed The Hungry
July 08, 2008

Time Warner Cable is using a favorite summer food to raise money to feed needy residents of Bergen County and elsewhere in the state. NY1’s Samantha Liebman filed the following report.

Tuesday’s heat made it an appropriate day for Time Warner Cable, the parent company of NY1, to debut its ice cream truck for the summer in Palisades Park and Englewood. The truck is part of a program to help raise money to provide food for those in need.

“Time Warner Cable created this initiative about five years ago. It’s gone through several incarnations, though,” said Marjorie Barishman, a Time Warner Cable marketing manager. “We started off with doing random acts of kindness, and it developed into scooped ice cream and different kinds of ices. This is our first year selling soft-serve ice cream with sprinkles for just a buck.”

The money raised will go to food pantries in the New York/New Jersey area, like Englewood’s Center for Food Action.

“During the summer, the number of people coming in goes up because children are home from school, they’re not getting their free breakfast and lunch,” said center director Thelma Fedele. “Working parents may have more of a problem because they have to spend more on child care.”

During the summer, food donations also decrease.

“People just don’t think to donate food in the summer,” said Fedele. “Most people think of Thanksgiving, which is great, but people are hungry all year round.”

The Time Warner Cable ice cream truck will be at outdoor events all around Bergen County through August 23, with a goal to raise $10,000.

The truck will also come to events by request. Neighborhood groups, nonprofit organizations and anyone hosting a public event can call 877-SMMR-TWC to schedule a visit by the truck.


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One Response to “Time Warner’s Ice cream Truck To Benefit Local food Pantries!”

  1. This is jacky and i want to say “thank you” for the ice cream by the time warner cable.i hope you guys come back in the summer because, not to be fat but i want more ice cream because i like the chocolete wth chocolete sprinkle. i will be here for next year so i want to get ice cream for the summer next year also again “thank you”for the ice cream. i also want to know is it for free?

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