Our Trip to our Community Park!

Our class and Ms. Vivaldi’s class took a trip to a local park in our area. Tell me about your trip? How did you get there? What streets did you walk on? What did you do when you got there. Write a short paragraph about your trip to the park.


~ by stufffromthelab on July 14, 2008.

5 Responses to “Our Trip to our Community Park!”

  1. My class went to the sprinklers. The park had two water slides. I slid down the slide it was so fun. We walked to the park it is in our neighborhood. I wanted to go to the Yankee stadium trip. My class is going to the Childrens museum next week.

    by John W.

  2. I got wet at the sprinkles, I run with my friends as we played
    tag. while running I fell on the step.
    I was able to wet someone with my bottled water.

  3. We went to a park with a waterslide and sprinkers. We got wet. We played in the park. This park was in our community . We had fun sliding down the slides. We had a really good time I would like to go again.

  4. while at the park i ran in the water and i played football
    which was a lot of fun.

  5. I couldn’t go to the waterpark because I went to camp. camp was fun.

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