7/10 Trip to Staten Island Yankees Along the North Shore

Read all about the “Baby Bombers” right here!

1. Who are the Staten Island Yankees?

2.where do they play?

3.what division are they in?

4.how many championships do they have?

5.how many s.i. yankees made to the pros major leagues?

6.what league are they in?

7.when were the s.i. yankees born?

8.who is their #1 rival?


~ by stufffromthelab on July 7, 2008.

14 Responses to “7/10 Trip to Staten Island Yankees Along the North Shore”

  1. We read about the Baby Bomber with Mr. Harvey” class. I learned that their best year in attendance wsa 2001

  2. THE team start in 1999 they won 4 championships. I have seen them on tv. I am going to the game on 7/10 on thursday. They get over 100,000 people to see their games. They are near the SI ferry

  3. When I go to the staten Island yankees I hope they win.I whent there 2 times.thank you Ms.Broderick for bringing us there. the stadium is located on the N shore of Staten Ilsnad

  4. The team started in 1999. They are a minor league team. You can take public transportation to see them.

  5. I learnde that the yankees bet olmost evrey teme there they are my favretteta and they have a wonderful history they started the team in 1999

  6. we are going to go yankees play vs some team and ms.broderick is takkeing
    us to class to the game. The stadium is owned by Richmond county and located near the ferrry

  7. i went to the staten island yankees nest to the staten island ferry and i had mad fun and this will be my second time going with my class

  8. I saw the baseball game because I like it we are going to the stadium near the ferry

  9. I am going to the staten islands yankees. I am going by myself on Friday the 11.

  10. `the staten island yankees are a minor league baesball team located in staten island new york.
    richmond county bank ballpark.

    mcnamara division.
    thay win four titles.
    thay are three playres.
    new york penn league.
    thay was born in 1999.
    it is the brooklyn cyclone.

  11. Class-Level

    * A

    Minor League affiliations

    * New York – Penn League

    * McNamara Division

    Major League affiliations
    New York Yankees (1999-present)


    * Staten Island Yankees (1999-present)


    *Richmond County Bank Ballpark (2001-present)
    *CSI (1999-2000)

    Their rival is the Brooklyn Cyclones.

    Minor League titles
    League titles 2000, 2002, 2005, 2006
    Division titles 2000, 2002, 2005, 2006
    Owner(s)/Operated by:

    * New York Yankees
    * Mandalay baseball properties

    Manager: Pat McMahon
    General Manager: Jane Rogers

  12. the staten island yankees are a minor league baseball team located in staten island new york.affectionately nickname baby bombers the staten island yankees are a class a affilate of the new york yankees and play in the new york penn league at richmond county bank ballpark along the water in front of st.george on the north east tip of staten island.

  13. Jared
    I am a big staten Islands Yankee fan. I went to the game on July 4th and there was a great batter he hit a home run over 318 foul ball line. They won the game with 11 runs. There were no score in the 9th inning. They played a team called the scrappers

  14. i rode the ferry a lot of times you can see the brooklyn bridge and the skyscraper.you can see the statue of liberty and ellis island.it have a eivated that give you a great view of manhattan and all its beautiful sighs.that get a bar and a snack bar.it takes 5 miles and 25 mintes.thay get 3 floors out side deck.you had to pay 25 cent and thay raise the price to 50 cent and then now it for free.thay had a boat crase in 2003 thay get a new boat.

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